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Mondo Cane Kama Sutra (displayed in the contemporary art section of the Art Gallery of Ontario) , is a 10 panel piece of art featuring 3 fluorescently coloured pink, orange, and yellow poodles in provocative sex positions upon a black background. They`re depicted abstractly, having no details such as face or fur, and are composed instead of uneven proportional geometric shapes. They appear robotic in nature due to the proportioning, and are fixed in stiff straight positions.  4 of the pieces contain 2 poodles in symmetrical positions. None of the poodles possess either male or female genitilia and judging from the colour of each poodle of each scene and the sex position they are in, it is impossible to determine which poodle is male or female. My interpretation of this piece of art is that the poodles are meant to symbolize unisex or perhaps they are all male and gay. The poodles were obviously meant to stand out in the gallery. The panels are approximately 4 by 4 meters and as said before are brightly coloured on black, and are mounted in a room with nothing else but a triangular glass display in the middle of the room of other sexually themed art work. The different colours of the poodles represent individuality, despite the same sex of each poodle. The geometric shaping of the poodles represent that they are imperfect since they are unrealistic, yet at the same time, still natural because they are unique and perfectly shaped among each other.

According to Frederic Bonnet, a curator at the museum, the name of the group of artists is General Idea. They were major artists of the second half of the 20th century and achieved mythic status with an oeuvre now acknowledged as anticipating many of today`s art trends. Their group consists of 3 members (2 of which died from aids). Starting with the principle of `form follows fiction`, the trio developed a complex multimedia approach, which was a full-time mix of reality and fiction, and the present and future. Mondo Cane Kama Sutra are 10 panels of excavated from the rubble of the Miss General Idea Pavilion.  The work reinforces the trio`s communal strength and their “3 heads are better than one“ while exploring triangular relationships in a social group (hence the triangular display in the middle of the room. Kama Sutra indicates their refusal to glorify an individual artist within the collective, but also their assertion of a single sexual identity. In conclusion, I`d say my interpretation was quite close to what the artists were trying to convey.

Artist background and art history provided by Frederic Bonnet.


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