Minority Report Predicts The Future and Explores User Interface

The Future of Advertising

Minority Report, a 2002 American science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg, gives a hint to what the future of advertising may come to be. The clip above shows John Anderton (played by Tom Cruse) as he walks towards the subway. As he is walking, hidden cameras detect his retinas and relays information to digital advertisements on the walls, which are then personalized to directly address him by name.

Electronical Newspapers

Despite as it’s strangeness, I believe this may very well be what newspapers will look like in the future. Well, maybe not what it is depicted as in the clip (Technology embedded in a newspaper. What a waste to just throw that out when you’re done!). But as I see it, the future of new media involves the process of reusing the means of old media, such as books and TV, and combining them with advanced technologies. Take for example books. Books were considered new media at one point in time, and now we have something called E-books. We can view them on a desktop, laptop, kindle, or a portable apple product such as a iPad/iPhone. Kind of makes you think – what’s so different between that and a newspaper?

Advanced Touchscreen Interference (This movie came out in 2002, back when touchscreen technology was still in it’s baby stages of use within the public)

Hologram Technology (Laughed at loud when he flung the cereal box)


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