Kinect + 3D TV = Virtual Reality

2 guys from the Center for Computation and Technology from the Louisiana State University experiment the power of Microsoft’s Kinect (a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console) with the power of a 3D TV. With it, they create a virtual reality installation.

“The result is a system that responds to the presence of a user to create the illusion of a virtual reality joined with true reality at the plane of the screen.”

Kinect tracks where the users are, and that allows them to render 2 separate images to/from the 3D TV. Chad perceives that the images on the TV as 3D and are moving with him as if it were an extension of this reality. The Kinect relays the direction of Chad’s head so that the TV displays the direction accordingly. Chad is also able to move his hand which displays a “poker” on the screen, which Chad perceives as a extension of his hand, in which he can use to interact with the virtual reality.


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