Exercise 5: Html Research

So here’s the link to my website –
Click Here to Go To My Website
Although by the time you read this, it’s no longer in pure HTML – It has CSS encoded within it (or rather, the HTML is referencing the CSS).

The Html exercise was quite helpful though. The last time I used html, I’m pretty sure I was using HTML1. You know, back then. Remember? When scrolling and flashing text was the way to go?

But anyways, it was the first time I used CSS and it was extremely difficult and tricky at first but I’m getting the hang of it. By no means am I capable yet, as I still get confused quite easily and frustrated. Although at least half of the time I know what I’m doing now. And just about every time I edit my site I learn something new, which is great.

Oh and I’m not sure what happened to our powerpoint. I know you (Alex) saw it, since I have a mark for it… But hmm… I’ll look around for it.


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