One Minute Video – MPM16




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“Interview” Questions –

1) How is it like living on residence?

2) Is this your first time living by yourself? How does it feel?

3) What do you like best about living on residence?

Note: *Actors are not given the questions beforehand and all acting seen is not actually acting and is on the spot.


Drawing upon my own experiences as well as those of my floor-mates, I decided to create a video installation that reflects the ideas of others on my residence floor. The theme of the video is a combination of growth, firsts, and neighbours of which I hoped to portray the experiences and emotions that each of us share. The goal of this video during production and post-production (editing) was to connect the general census of our ideas into one short video. “Away from Home” successfully depicts this, as despite only asking the same questions and not scripting any of the lines of the actors, they all seem to speak as one during the video, as if they/we all share a voice.

“Away from Home” is a short film in the style of an interview, where non-actors will answer questions on the spot without prior knowledge of what they will be asked. The film will project unity within a community, as despite having no knowledge of the questions they will be asked and the answers of others, they will form a story simply from answering honestly. It will be shown that while we are all first years at Ryerson and Residence (Pitman Hall), everyone simply wants to get along with everyone else because we all share the same fears and joy. The film will also show that by forcing ourselves into an environment where we are completely free to our own actions, we will mature and grow as we all connect our experiences into one.

“Away from Home” is a powerful visual/video installation because the message that is received from watching it is on a personal level. While one may not have experienced the same experiences as the actors in the film, they may still connect to them knowing that simply entering University is a trial such as that as living by one’s self on campus res. The importance of “Away from Home” is to bring awareness that we all go through the same fears, happiness, and tests in our life, no matter how different our preferences, backgrounds, and life.


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