Audio Project – “Handel’s Harpsichord Suite in G (A) Minor”


Having a strong interest in music as well as a background with it, I decided to take full advantage of it to create a music video for the sound project in order to maximize the enjoyment I would take from it as well as try something I’ve never done before. While sitting behind and playing a piano is second nature to me, it was a first for me to create a self piano concerto. Having always wanted to make one after seeing various videos of other online performances, my goal for this video was to create one myself. While the piece has slight instances of going off sync within the melodic lines, it is still generally pleasing to listen to. This piece reflects the theme of my Image Arts website, it’s content, as well as the theme which I chose for my one minute video – firsts.

“Handel’s Harpsichord Suite in G (A) Minor”, performed by myself, is a very brief piece which I arranged myself based off of a piece written by Handel in the late Baroque period. At the time, pianos were not yet invented and thus harpsichords were used. The most distinct difference is that a harpsichord cannot maintain notes via a pedal while a piano can. I payed homage to this in my video by playing the notes of the first section of the piece detached. I purposely put this before the credits so that it is presented as a break between Handel’s original composition, and the arrangement which I made myself. The video projects a sense of classicalism and modernity as the second half of the piece sounds more harmonious – in other words, sounding more like a piano, making te second half sound more modern. This reflects me both as a musician and an artist – I enjoy playing both classical and popular/contemporary music, as well in artworks I usual aim to extend other people’s past works by adding a modernist twist.

“Handel’s Harpsichord Suite in G (A) Minor” is an innovative piece as it combines and contrasts a baroque timbre with a contemporary timbre. Personally, I’ve seen very few pieces that have aimed to do this. Commonly music arts tend to stick to one genre within a song as mixing or changing styles causes a piece to sound unpleasant. “Handel’s Harpsichord Suite in G (A) Minor” was a first time project in which I was unafraid to make a giant leap in convention.


Part 1
Part 2


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