For our assignment, Erin, Kathryn and I decided to go to a restaurant called “Kebab Grills”. We decided that we’d meet up at the lobby of our res and then just walk around until we found a restaurant that caught our attention. We walked down a couple blocks and got tired so we looked for the nearest restaurant which was called “Kebab Grills”.
             The neon sign was noticeable enough, as well as having an advantage to the Sushi restaurant beside it since it was placed at the corner thus closer to the intersection. However, the “Grills” part of the sign was not properly lit up like the “Kebab”. Unlike “Kebab”, which was lit up in solid red, Grills was black with a red neon drop shadow, which really made it less noticeable at a distance.  Two doors led inside the restaurant, and all 3 of us tried to go in on the door to the right, but couldn’t get in. A sheet of paper placed at waist level said to use the left door instead, which took us all a couple seconds to notice.
               The interior of the restaurant was strange. At first glance it looked like a small walk in grocery store/restaurant. The boards behind the counter looked enough like a restaurant/fast food restaurant, however there were snacks and fruits on shelves by the sides with prices labeled on the bottom. I ordered a combo meal that came with a drink, and the cashier/waitress simply told me to take one from the fridge by the shelves. The restaurant had two floors although the second floor was somewhat hidden, and I would not have known there was one walking in had there not been a loud group of people on the second floor. The stairs leading up to the second floor was all the way left of the restaurant on the first floor which took up 1/4 of the first floor leading upwards.
                The decorations confused me a bit. There were nicely light red lanterns hanging from the walls, and everything was lit quite red. However, the decorating did not seem to fit the theme of the restaurant and the food they were selling. We chose to sit by one of the tables with three chairs. The chairs were comfortable enough, most of the furniture being from IKEA. The table was quite small for three though. The wall to the left was odd as it was the only section of the restaurant that was made from bricks.

                  Having paid for the food before eating made the experience different and awkward since it’s usually the other way around unless it was a fast food restaurant. The food came rather quickly however they didn’t have much costumers. The quality was seriously lacking though. Erin’s pizza was extremely dry and most likely just frozen and re-microwaved before serving. Kathryn only ordered a mango smoothie but she found it too “viscous”. My potatoes were also really dry and wasn’t really as spicy as she made it out to be – really all they did was through some tabasco sauce on it. By the time I finished my potatoes, which was really a side serving, I lost my apatite for the wrap which I bought, since I used most of my drink to get down the potatoes. Erin didn’t finish most of her pizza and thanked Kathryn for eating a quarter of it. We were really just waiting to get out of there.
               Leaving again was strange since usually you pay then as well as tip the waiter/waitress but since we already paid we couldn’t do that. We just walked out later and as we were walking I smelled some barbeque on the streets and it smelled good to me but I still didn’t feel like eating the wrap in my hand.
                Later in the night I tried to eat my wrap but as expected, it sucked and didn’t taste good and I had to drink a lot to just get it down.



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