Nikita – Father of Image Macro Memes?

So, you may or may not recognize the above picture. If not, you’d see it as an ordinary picture of a college kid , wear a backpack, earphones, and texting on his phone. If you did recognize the above picture, you’d recognize it as the Uberfrosh , or College Freshman picture. This picture , originally a standard stock photo used by sources such as online news articles and advertisements, was commonly depicted to show a typically freshman and used to write articles or advertise “stuff that every freshman should know”. Now however, the picture is now associated as an image macro – which in 21st internet culture, is a picture superimposed with text to produce a humorous effect.  The original picture of just some regular kid has now turned into , as Know-Your-Meme puts it  highlights the all-too-familiar cliches found in campus social scenes and student life during college years.”

This effect is common for most image macros.


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