Source Book, Entry 1 – Maze Puzzle You Say?

Right… this first entry. In class I was thinking “Hmmm, sounds easy enough. Lots of freedom as to what we get to write in this. Plus it’s an informal blog. I can just ramble for a while and tadaa. I’m done.”
Well. I get home, put it off until the 2nd last day, annnnnddddd… What’ll you know? I don’t know what to write. Or, well – so I thought. Then I realized you’re not suppose to be thinking too hard as to what you’re going to write. You’re suppose to let it just come to you. Like notes for a song, or ideas for a story.

Okay anyways, back to the point : So, I was looking around my room shortly before I started writing this, and I saw that my brother left his coloring book in my room. Well. That’s what I thought it was at first glance. But nope. It wasn’t a coloring book – it was a Maze/Puzzle book. And okay, I’m not a moron – This wasn’t just any maze puzzle book for me to think it was a colouring book or what not when i first saw it. I mean, just look at it:

This is not some ordinary maze book. Back in my days, THIS was what a maze puzzle looked like:

Let’s look at one of their so called mazes :

See? Tell me you’d think that was a maze “game” if you were to see it at first glance. Didn’t think so! You’re suppose to start at the red arrow in the cloud and make your way from there.  Looks more like a work of Van Gogh than a maze.  And that’s a good thing.

And what about this one?

Putting aside my brother’s scribbles to the right ; This reminds me of a colourful Picasso. Why is this in a kid’s puzzle book? I mean, it’s not a bad thing. Just… Unexpected.  Here’s another one:

Wish I had these puzzles as a kid. Look at all those colours! It’s like Pop Art! This is some colouring book. Oops. PUZZLE book.


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