Anna Nilsen – Kicking it in the back seat.

So I did a little digging up on the author of that puzzle book. Her profile is sort of in bits and pieces all over the web (hah, the pun), but here’s what I got: “Anna Nilsen is an international award winning children’s book author, illustrator, games, puzzles and jigsaw devisor.” “is a former art history teacher and a prizewinning artist. She devised Kingfisher’s highly successful Art Fraud Detective, The Great Art Scandal, I Can ” Her website is a little hard to navigate, with a lot of it looking like it was built in HTML2 (her homepage is comprised of a little java screen that’s run by shockwave?) , but from all that I gathered, she seems to be an oldschool artist with an interest in puzzles, who’s taken on literacy for young children.

Interesting combo. =|

Alright so this is a short ass post but I’ll come back to it – I sort of forgot where I was going with all this. Or more likely so, was I trying to get somewhere with it? Or just hoping it would eventually get me somewhere?
Guess that’s the point of this blog in the first place, huh?



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