Mai knew Keyboard

Alright! I got my keyboard. Oh yeah. B-)

I’ve started playing around with it. So far, I’ve managed to figure out a few of the functions. I’m still not sure of what the keyboard is capable of, but I know for a fact it’s a shit lot more than what I’ve figured out so far.

I’ll make a video blog to show how up to date I am with my new keyboard, but for this week I’ll just briefly explain what’s going on.

Here’s a few pictures of my keyboard.

So… making music with this keyboard is tough. Well. Not really. Actually if you compare just playing notes or what not, it’s the same as a piano. White keys, black keys. But these two instruments could not be anymore different. At least, what I’m trying to do, which is make synthesized music. Classical piano,  you play everything in front of you – so you use two hands, and play songs.

With this keyboard, I have to completely flip things around. I have to play everything separate. 1 voice at a time, the base line separate, the melody separate, etc. You really have to plan everything out and unlike classical piano where it’s mostly about technique, theory, and practice, synthesizing music on the keyboard is more about organizing everything, lyrically writing stuff out, and etc. I’ll probably add some sheet music to my journal in the near future.


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