Process of the Play Tests – A Reflection

I can’t remember if I mentioned, but throughout this entire development process, I’ve been doing user tests every step of the way through.

The purpose of these wasn’t only so that I could see where potential bugs were (which there was a lot of) that I wasn’t bumping into when I played through the game my way, but also what people were thinking as they played through.

At first I felt kind of strange and very conscious to the process almost to the point of starting to consider the amount of people I actually wanted to show my incomplete work to because
1) there is something uncomforting when it comes to showing off your incomplete work and
2) if I was to let everyone in every step of the way, what was left to show off when everything is actually done?

But as how Max Dean has said in a number of his classes already –

If you don’t let anyone into your work, they can’t help you. And if you don’t let anyone help you, your work is only as good as you think you can get it. Not as good as you can actually get it.

Um okay he might not of said that last part but I think he might of said something that meant the same thing. But anyway that’s what was very true to me as I was creating my piece. It was really about getting a large spectrum of the type of audience that I was play testing with, and with that – deciding who my intended audience were.

(continued in next post…)


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