About Oliver

My birth name is Chengcheng. I think my parents decided to call me Oliver since I was 7 or so and ever since it’s caused a lot of confusion on my part.
I’m currently finishing my 3rd year at Ryerson University studying New Media.
You might ask: Oh, is that digital media? Television? Graphical design?
Well, sort of. That can all be a part of New Media, but it is more so about exploring the physical, digital, and relational space that is created through old and new technologies and mediated communication. At Ryerson, we mostly study the context of New Media being a contemporary art form and using programming and electronics to create art pieces that explore these concepts.
If that sounds cool and interesting, that’s because it is. At least I think so.
For more information and cool stuff about New Media and myself:

My Portfolio Website

New Media – A Community Within A Society
(written by Oliver Zhang [myself])

Ryerson’s New Media Program

Ryerson New Media on Twitter


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