Ian’s too bright. Physically, I mean.

Ian's too bright. Physically, I mean.

Taken by Oliver.
Photo before post production.


Mai knew Keyboard

Alright! I got my keyboard. Oh yeah. B-)

I’ve started playing around with it. So far, I’ve managed to figure out a few of the functions. I’m still not sure of what the keyboard is capable of, but I know for a fact it’s a shit lot more than what I’ve figured out so far.

I’ll make a video blog to show how up to date I am with my new keyboard, but for this week I’ll just briefly explain what’s going on.

Here’s a few pictures of my keyboard.

So… making music with this keyboard is tough. Well. Not really. Actually if you compare just playing notes or what not, it’s the same as a piano. White keys, black keys. But these two instruments could not be anymore different. At least, what I’m trying to do, which is make synthesized music. Classical piano,  you play everything in front of you – so you use two hands, and play songs.

With this keyboard, I have to completely flip things around. I have to play everything separate. 1 voice at a time, the base line separate, the melody separate, etc. You really have to plan everything out and unlike classical piano where it’s mostly about technique, theory, and practice, synthesizing music on the keyboard is more about organizing everything, lyrically writing stuff out, and etc. I’ll probably add some sheet music to my journal in the near future.

Futuristic Game of Sorts?

Alright -so I’ve had this concept in my mind for a while now, of a game or similar environment/setting that would be competitive and collaborative at the same time.

The idea where you have a Multiplayer Online game that is available on anything that functions as a computer , so a mobile, iPad, Tablet. That way it can be accessed by anyone and anytime.
What the game will be is a series of difficult puzzles, riddles , etc.  – anything that involves a large amount of collective thoughts and steps to complete. It’ll be in some sort of digital realm of whatever appropriate setting (a school, arena or whatever). You’ll have different instances/overflows so that you can have say, a max of 200 people in one instance and move the next 200 to another instance, although they’ll be able to spectate another instance if they want.
However instead of just having a persistent world that is only online on the internet, you have the game relay the digital data to a physical space that either projects or in some way, have a physical representation what the players are doing and how well they’re progressing/performing. This will be in an installation setting.

Okay so there are some obvious obstacles here. First off – I haven’t fully conceptualized the whole “game” part of this yet.  I mean, I said “a series of difficult puzzles, riddles , etc” but that’s pretty broad and vague.  In fact, just saying that sounds a little familiar. Hmmm… Oh god, Puzzle Pirates.

Plus, just saying “anything that involves a large amount of collective thoughts and steps to complete” doesn’t help clarify things either.  The structure of my idea is similar to that of something I’ve seen online though.  Word Squared (aka Word2) https://olzme.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/wordsquared-3.png?w=300
Check out how large it’s become!

But some major differences is that I want mine to be objective based, so based on a “level” type method.
What I’ll do for next week’s entry is to draw up some mind maps, charts and basically brainstorm it all out. Or do it digitally – who actually writes stuff anymore?

But yeah.  I really want to see this get developed. Sure, there’s no way this is going to become a reality any time soon, but working on it seems (and really, it is) fun.
A better use of my time than looking around at puzzle books which may or may NOT lead me anywhere at all.  =P

Edit: Hang on a second… Is it just me, or is there a strange coincidence of the reoccurring “puzzle” theme?
I swear to GOD I did not plan this whole thing from the very beginning.
David Green, if you’re reading this (and I really DO hope you’re actually reading all this and not just skimming though it all…), please tell me it’s not just me…

Bringing back the past – musical style

Alright – so last week , we presented our “Moment our life changed” homework assignment. To be honest – when we first got the assignment, I wasn’t sure what the purpose of the whole thing was. Practice illustrating a narrative, probably?

But anyways, half way during presentations I could see where Prof. Green was taking this. During some of the presentations, he would direct questions to us as to where this experience could lead us, or elaborate how it is that it got us to where we are today. So it was really another one of his “get to know us” exercises, but in the sense so that he could guide us. In fact…

This can’t just be me , but…
What happened to David Green? It’s the same ol’ David Green we all love – personality wise, but his teaching ethics/methods have completely 180’ed. I mean, first he announces that he’s actually going to mark our work on time, and now he’s trying to reform us for the better with his assignments? I mean, in class, he even seemed to be more than happy to go out of his way to make sure we succeeded with whatever our goals were for carving a potential career out of our interests. Wow!

Change Machine. by Streeter, Betsy

Well anyways, that’s a slightly off topic, and maybe even a little awkward ; talking about David Green in 3rd person when the very reason I’m typing out this blog post in the first place is so that David Green himself can read it…
Plus, I don’t know – maybe it is just me.

Back on topic – if you’ve read my last post, you’d see that the moment my life changed was when I picked up music professionally. And boy, did it change things a lot. But now, it just seems such the large waste that I’m not doing anything with all the skills I now have. There was a time when I uploaded videos of my performances on YouTube, but it was quite the long time ago. I can’t remember why I stopped…
But check this video out!

That’s a video I uploaded 3 years ago, shot with a crappy Sony digital camera (meant to take pictures), no tripod (i put the camera on the piano so there was a vibration on many of the notes – on top of the already poor sound capture), and  dreadful lighting in which you can hardly see anything.
But despite all those technical short comings, 70 000+ views! I wasn’t even aware this whole time.

But to cut to the chase since this post is starting to get really long – What I want to do is make more of these:

But first – I need to get myself a keyboard or some equivalent  so that I can play multiple instruments and play a wider range of songs. Besides, why not, since I know I’m capable. So yeah – that’s what I’m going to work on for next week – getting that keyboard! Let’s go 1000 subscribers! =P